Travel Tips

Study: Travel makes us smarter and can help us land a job

There is no doubt that travel changes your life. But a study has found that it may actually make us smarter too — and can actually increase our chances of getting a job. The study, conducted by MBA students and led by William W. Maddux, associate professor of organizational behavior at French university INSEAD, found […]

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Norwegian Airlines offers family-shared frequent flyer points

Norwegian Airlines has introduced a new kind of points program. The airline announced a Rewards Family Account, which will allow up to seven family and friends to jointly earn points. The new program is free, and allows up to seven people, including children, to earn CashPoints that will then be pooled into one Family Account […]

New TSA regulations will have you taking more out of your carry-on

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has implemented new airport security rules, and it could affect the electronics you bring on a flight. The new regulations will require any electronics larger than a cell phone to be removed from carry-on luggage and placed in bins for X-Ray screening. The new regulations were tested at 10 airports, and […]

Best travel ballet flat? My Tieks review

Tieks by Gavrieli require a lot of research because they are a big-ticket item. Starting at $175, it is a big investment for most people that buy them — including me. Because of this, I wanted to provide an honest Tieks review to help others on whether to make the decision. I am the type […]

Countries that require a Visa for U.S. citizens

Because not all countries require a Visa for United States citizens to visit, the concept is a difficult one — especially for first-time travelers. Many European countries only require a passport, and not a Visa, for U.S. citizens to visit. But if you plan a trip to one of the countries that does require a […]

Stream your personal cable subscription in your next hotel room

When checking into a hotel room, it’s always been a given that you watch the TV service they provide. However, AT&T and Dish are looking to change that, by offering subscribers the possibility of streaming their own video services over hotel TVs. That means hotel guests could watch their favorite shows whenever they want, according […]

1 in 5 Americans plan to go into debt to pay for summer travel

Summertime is travel time, and many Americans are not yet sure how they will pay for their vacations this year. A new survey found that one in five Americans will go into debt paying for their summer travel. The poll, conducted by MagnifyMoney, asked 500 U.S. adults how they plan to pay for their summer […]

5 ways to avoid getting ripped off while traveling

Travel is fun, and it’s always a learning experience. But one thing not many people talk about is how you can easily be taken advantage of in a foreign country. Even if it ends up only costing you a few extra dollars, knowing someone was less than honest with you can end up ruining your […]

‘Family fun’ and some surprising cities top list of summer travel trends

Summer is here, and that means people are thinking about family vacations and other summer travel. Marriott conducted a study of what people are looking for this summer, and it turns out there are some pretty specific trends. “This summer, travelers are looking beyond typical beach-centric destinations and considering places like Orlando, New York, Chicago […]

Which airline has the best frequent flyer program?

It’s not always easy to tell the difference between the variety of frequent flyer or loyalty programs out there, but a new report by WalletHub looked at all the factors offered by different programs and ranked them. It may come as no surprise to many — Delta came out on top. The study looked at […]

Vogue’s top 10 travel destinations

Vogue released their list of the hottest places to travel, and surprisingly, only one of them is in the United States. The list includes some obvious destinations, and some not-so-obvious ones. 1. Georgia (the country). Vogue chose Georgia as their number one destination largely due to its wine scene — however, said that is only […]

Alaska Airlines to offer free in-flight messaging

Although cell phones are still off limits for travelers on airplanes in the United States, Alaska Airlines announced they will be offering complimentary in-flight messaging for passengers. The new service will allow Alaska passengers to use iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook messengers on any Gogo-equipped flight. “We’re celebrating the new year – and our new, bigger […]